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Current Issue : Vol. 2 No. 1 (2023): International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary (April-Juni 2023)

Leadership Model to Increase Employee Motivation and Discipline

Deden Komar Priatna, Agus Mulyana, Jusdijachlan Jusdijachlan, Winna Roswinna, S. Ridwan, Herni Suryani, Nandan Limakrisna


The Model of Product Attributes and Brand Image : Purchase Decisions Based

R. Dewi Pertiwi, Andriasan Sudarso, Wikrama Wardana, H. Syahrum Agung, Udin Ahidin, Faizal Haris Eko Prabowo, Lenggogeni Lenggogeni


Banking Company Stock Price Model

Winna Roswinna, Maria Lusiana Yulianti, Oyon Suharyono, Anna Noviana, Astrin Kusumawaardani, Kartika Pratiwi Putri, Rd Dewi Pertiwi


The Model of Organizational Commitment and Work Satisfaction : Organizational Citizenship Behavior Perspective

Nazifah Husainah, Wikrama Wardana, Elvie Maria, Jan Hotman Malau, Budi Sambarani, Rilla Sovitriana, Peni Cahyati


The Image Models of PT East Jakarta Industrial Park (EJIP)

Lili Suryati, Yoyok Cahyono, Andriasan Sudarso, Yoyo Sudaryo, Wikrama Wardana, Nunung Ayu Sofiati (Efi), R. Dewi Pertiwi, Nandan Limakrisna


The Model of Decision Making For Shopping At Factory Outlets

Udin Ahidin, Lenggogeni Lenggogeni, Anwar Sulaiman, Anthon Tondo, Wikrama Wardana, Nandan Limakrisna


The Measurement Of Financial Reporting : Earnings Management and Firm Values

Yoyo Sudaryo, Lenggogeni Lenggogeni, Dayan Hakim NS, Wikrama Wardana, Omo Permana, Maria Lusiana Yulianti, Riyandi Nur Sumawidjaja


Performance Analysis of Extraction Condensing Turbine - Unit 1 at Pltu X, Bekasi, West Java

Komarudin Komarudin, H. Heru Abrianto, Abdul Multi, Adi Putra Utama


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