Aim and Scope

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary (IJAM) is a scientific journal published by Greenation Publisher under the auspices of the Yayasan Global Resarch National (GREENATION). This journal is published 4 times a year, namely April, July, October and January.

The scope and focus of IJAM is related to research with a multidisciplinary approach, which includes: Management Science, HR Management, Marketing Management & Financial Management, Sharia Management, Da'wah Management, Economics and Accounting, Computer Science, Information Technology, Informatics Engineering & Information Management, Trade, Hospitality Management, Tourism, Travel, Arts & Culture, Education Management, Basic Education, Islamic Education & Sports Education, Political Science, Law & Social Sciences, Public Administration & Government Administration, Sports Sciences, History & Humanities, Sociology, Psychology, Health Science, Medicine & Midwifery, Media & Communication, Environmental Science, Library Science, Agricultural Science, Banking, Project Management, Portfolio Management, Security Analysis, Entrepreneurship & Retail Management, Transportation Management, Logistics & Expedition, Medical, Health, Medicine , Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Agoronomy & Mining, and Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Marine Engineering, Public Health, Health Education and Promotion, Health Management, Disease Prevention, Midwifery and Child Care, Health and Social Behavior, Traditional Health (HATTRA) , Nutrition (Clinical Nutrition and Community Nutrition), Food safety, Food security, Cleanliness, Food Technology related to Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation, Environmental Health, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacology and Toxicology,, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, drug discovery,, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutical Biology, Herbal medicines, Pharmaceutical sciences, Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology, Community and Clinical Pharmacy, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAAM), Pharmaceutical Treatment.